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Telecoms, Digital Broadcast & Content Category ;
Telecoms is among the leading Services industries in terms of growth and profitability in the Region. Their Innovations have changed the way people live from communication, entertainment, access to information and Government services. Broadcasters have innovatively embraced the digital space bringing their content closer to the users. Telecom Operators and Broadcasting Companies will showcase their innovations in the Digital Space. Manufacturers and Service providers in this Area will showcase at the Event.

Mobiles & Electronics Accessories Category;
Mobile Devices Manufacturers, Suppliers will Showcase their products and innovative Accessories;- Laptops, Smartphones, Power banks , Charging Systems , Mobile Accessories, Headphones etc
By Year 2020 there will be over 750 Million Mobile Internet Subscribers in Africa and over 1 Billion Mobile devices from the very basic phones to high end Smart Phones. (GSMA 2016) This presents a huge market of Mobile phones and related accessories. The Event will present a great platform to showcase these products

Smart Living, V.R & Gaming Technologies Category;
Smart Living Technology seeks to bring innovative Information Communication Technology (ICT) to all aspects of human life, including assisting in obtaining the daily life necessaries such as food, medication, housing, transportation, education and entertainment. Virtual Reality & Gaming Technologies have generated great interest in Africa due to the growing Middle class and the Young population.
Manufacturers of these Technologies will be showcasing during the Event.

I.O.T “Internet of Things’’ & Apps Category;
Internet based Applications provide diverse solutions from Transport, Retail, hospitality, education, health, finance, entertainment, Government services etc. Companies and Organizations have also come up with Applications to serve their Clients more efficiently and faster. Application Developers and Companies will be showcasing their Applications and get an opportunity to sign up clients to their Applications.