Conference Program

9.30 AM; Opening Ceremony and Key Note Address; Ministry of ICT
 Communication Authority of Kenya
10.30 AM; Plenary Session;
Accelerating Digital transformation in Africa
• Digital Innovation Eco Systems in Africa
• Digital Infrastructure Investments in Africa
• Digital Technologies Adoption in Africa;
• Digital Regulatory framework in Africa;

Q & A
12.30 Pm Lunch Break
Session 1 Venue ; Cyber Security Hall
2.00 Pm Cyber Security in Digital Economy; A case of Public and Corporate Sector.

Session; 2 Venue ; Cloud Hall
2.00Pm Connecting Africa to the Cloud
• Cloud Deployment &Management
• Cloud security
• The future of Cloud

Venue ; Block Chain Hall
10 am Block Chain; Adoption of the Distributed Ledger Technologies in Africa
• Block Chain as a tool of enhancing Public sector delivery.
• Aligning Block Chain Technology to Business Needs.
• Smart Contracts
• Traceability

2 .00 Pm; I.O.T Eco-system in Africa;
Commerce, Medical, Logistics, Health, Agriculture etc.
– IoT in enhancing financial services: Defining the banks’ digital future
– IoT in driving performance, growth and profitability in both public and private sector
– IoT security: Safeguarding the network

2.00 Pm; Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Africa; Underlying Opportunities
• Chat bots in Customer Relationship Management.
• A.I Inventions in the Corporate Sector
• A.I Inventions in the Public Sector.

10.00 am
Smart Technologies in Africa
• Building Africa’s Smart Cities
• Augmented Reality,
• 3 D printing,
• Virtual Reality
• African FinTech – Development, Opportunities and Investments
• Current landscape of FinTech in Africa
• Lessons from the deployed technologies around Africa
• Future of FinTech in Africa
• Regulatory Aspects,
• Integration with Partners
• Crowdfunding
• Lending
• New Paradigm in Banking
• Opportunities in Fintech Innovation Ecosystems